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October 19, 2023

Digital Business NFC cards Activity for INTAS Pharmaceuticals in Kolkata


Event Name: ISOT 2023

Client- INTAS Pharmaceuticals


Date:-  6TH – 7TH OCTOBER 2023

Our Brief 

INTAS Pharmaceuticals organized a large-scale medical event for doctors, bringing together experts to share knowledge and foster networking. For enhance attendee experience, INTAS sought an efficient and modern solution for collecting doctors basic information by digitally not manually. The traditional paper-based data collection system was time-consuming and cumbersome. INTAS needed a technology-driven solution that would enable on-spot NFC card generation for thousands of attendees while ensuring security and data accuracy.

Our Solution

INTAS Pharmaceuticals partnered with us for a technology solution  to implement an on-spot NFC card generation system for their event.

Certainly, for an NFC card system at a medical event for doctors, it’s crucial to include specific information like their name, contact number, email address, address, and designation on the NFC cards. Here’s how this information would be included:

  1. Name: The doctor’s full name would be prominently displayed on the NFC card. This is essential for identification and networking purposes.

  2. Contact Number: The NFC card can have a designated area or QR code that attendees can scan to exchange contact information or save each other’s contact details on their smartphones.

  3. Email Address: The doctor’s email address is important for post-event communication and networking. It should be clearly printed on the NFC card.

  4. Address: The address could include the doctor’s work or practice location. In many cases, this information may be less critical for an event, but it can be included for reference.

  5. Designation: The doctor’s professional designation, such as “Cardiologist,” “Pediatrician,” “Surgeon,” etc., should be clearly mentioned on the NFC card to facilitate networking with peers and sponsors.

Incorporating this information on the NFC cards not only helps doctors identify each other but also enhances the networking and information-sharing capabilities of the event. This can be particularly valuable at medical conferences, where attendees often want to connect with colleagues and industry professionals.


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