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June 14, 2023

Enhancing Engagement and Brand Awareness with an Instant Photo Prints Photobooth at ROAD TO ULTRA Concert


Event Name: Road To Ultra

Client- Jägermeister

City: Mumbai,Bangalore


Objective/Our brief: 

Jägermeister aimed to achieve the following objectives through the photo booth activation –

    1. Enhance Brand Engagement: Create an interactive experience that encourages attendees to actively engage with the Jägermeister brand during the ROAD TO ULTRA Concert.

    2. Increase Brand Awareness: Utilize the photo booth as a branding tool to generate awareness and strengthen the association between Jägermeister and the concert tour among attendees.

  • Social Media Amplification: Leverage the photobooth’s instant sharing capabilities to encourage attendees to post their photos on social media, creating a buzz around the Jägermeister brand and the concert tour.

Solution:- Guests can stand in front of a photobooth and pose for pictures either individually or in groups. They usually have access to props like hats, masks, signs, and other accessories to enhance the experience and make the photos more fun and entertaining. Once the photos are processed, they are instantly printed out for the guests to take with them as physical prints. The prints can be in various sizes, such as standard photo size or even larger formats. Some setups may also allow guests to receive digital copies of the photos via email or text message.

Impact:- The process was so fast. Jägermeister’s decision to implement an instant photo print photobooth at the ROAD TO ULTRA  India Concert proved to be a highly successful brand activation strategy. By combining interactive elements, instant printing, social media integration, and engaging brand ambassadors, Jägermeister effectively enhanced brand engagement, increased brand awareness, and created a lasting impression among concert attendees. The photobooth experience not only generated excitement during the event but also extended the brand’s reach and impact through online sharing, leaving a positive imprint on the target audience.




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