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May 31, 2023

Led Band For Satvic Movement in Iskcon Temple

Client: Satvic Movement: Yoga

About Client: Satvic Movement is an online holistic health education platform. Founded in August 2017, it has today become a rapidly growing organization that has transformed the lives of millions of people. Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf together lead Satvic Movement. Both co-founders have battled chronic conditions and overcome them through the Satvic way of life. Their own healing journeys had such a great influence on them, that they decided to dedicate their lives to sharing this timeless health wisdom with the world. Over time, Satvic Movement has evolved into a leading education platform.

Venue: Iskcon Temple , Delhi


Number Of Visitors: 500-1000

Date: 01st-April-2023

Objective: Public engagement with stunning light show with music “Bhajan Kirtan” in Iscon Temple 

About Activity: Led band have been used to be fantastic effect at events all over the world, Ranging from small intimate weddings to huge stadium gigs and temple. The nature of our Products means that really anything is possible.

Task: MagicTap was given the responsibility to engage the public in the Temple. We brought out our very own Led based bands where the visitors could come and dance with music. they would start dancing with Music on “Bhajan ” song.  The activity was a huge success. It brought out the smiles, the craziness, wild side and funkiness among everyone. Each day just got better and better.

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