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June 6, 2023

Registration by Maggi robot for DRILLS

Event Name – 4th Edition of Drills 2023

Client – DRILLS

Venue – Andaz , Aerocity – New Delhi

Date – 3th – 4th June

Objective – To make registration process very easy and interactive with the help of AI Robot technology  (MAGGI ).  Our Magictap company provided two AI robots equipped with registration kiosks for a large live event. The purpose of these robots was to streamline the registration process, enhance attendee experience, and gather valuable data for event organizers.


We selected our two advanced AI robots (MAGGI) with integrated cameras, speakers, and touchscreens.

    • The robots were configured with our proprietary software and AI capabilities, allowing them to interact with attendees in a natural and user-friendly manner.
    • The Maggi included facial recognition technology to quickly interact with guest and  The robots greeted attendees and prompted them to input their registration information using the touchscreens. after their inputs they can play quizz games related to their company and get more information about their company.
    • The registration system provided an API for the MAGGI to access attendee data and update it in real-time.

Conclusion – By deploying our AI robots as registration kiosks at the live event, we successfully streamlined the registration process, enhanced attendee experience, and provided organizers with valuable data insights. Our solution demonstrated the effectiveness of integrating AI technology into event management, paving the way for future advancements in this field.


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