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August 7, 2023

Sketchbot Activity for Castrol in PUNE


Event Name: Castrol Technology Day 2023

Client- Hexagon

City: Tata Motors Plant, PUNE

Date:- 4th August 2023

Our Brief 

Magictap was given the opportunity to work with Castrol . Their team required an installation that would create an entertaining and engaging experience for their guests and somehow capture the fun interactions to take away a piece of the event to remember it by. 

Our Solution

The AI Sketchbot is both interactive and engaging, as it creates unique sketches of attendees. SketchBots are a revolutionary new patent-pending technology using the latest mesh of Ai and robotics. Guest portraits are analyzed and drawn by the SketchBots to create a unique, personalized takeaway – all in less than 60 seconds. Our SketchBot software is uniquely engineered to create amazing sketched portraits in 40 to 50 seconds.


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